The World State: A global digital state of freedom

welcome to the world state (TWS), the first global decentralized state, where all processes are driven by smart contracts. The State is guided by the principles of equality, transparency and direct democracy.

Citizens have equal rights to found parties, champion new ideas, become leaders, campaign for new laws, raise funds for environmental, social and humanitarian causes, and much more.

With no red tape or red tape, The World State offers a new form of governance where all processes are recorded on the blockchain to ensure fairness and real change.

The World State provides a framework for the open distribution of public funds that citizens can claim for their projects. Successful fundraising campaigns will receive funds for real-world projects that can make a significant difference.

Regardless of the cause, social or environmental, big or small, any idea that aims to improve the world is welcome. Anyone whose idea receives support from neighbors can get funding.

Those who strive to lead from the front also have a place in The World State. Any citizen can find a party, rally the support of its members, become a party leader, and set party agendas.

Citizens can even rise through the ranks of TWS and represent the state in the real world as its president. He influences both internal and external discussions by becoming an active citizen.

Introduction to the constitution of TWS

At the heart of The World State is the TWS Constitution. A rapidly changing world requires a new type of government ready to deal with technical advances and the changing priorities of the population.

The TWS Constitution defines this new governance and has been written to address these pressing issues and reinforce TWS’s guiding principles. It defines how TWS works, its initial laws and laws, how to pass new ones, as well as passing legislative initiatives, bills, founding new parties and becoming president.

It also serves to affirm that TWS is not restricted by physical borders or time constraints. All citizens are intrinsically connected and must share the same rights.

real direct democracy

Guided by the principles of direct democracy, TWS citizens can create parties, build agendas, push important laws, participate in decision-making, and advocate and fundraise for important causes.

Citizens can also elect thought leaders and trailblazers as TWS president to represent the state, or run for president themselves.

A fair voting process has been developed to maintain full transparency and ensure that all citizens have an equal voice. Part of this process, in accordance with the TWS Constitution, includes the Executive team ensuring the proper implementation of any accepted Law and the distribution of Treasury funds.

Only TWS citizens have the absolute right to vote, submit ballot measures, and decide how treasury funds will be spent.

TWS Citizenship and Passport Eligibility

The world’s most powerful passport, the TWS Passport is the key to unlocking the full potential of the platform.

Passports can be minted with W$C and owning one entitles the owner to full access to the opportunities TWS offers: fundraising for causes close to their heart, advocating for policies, creating and voting on Legislative Initiatives, becoming a representative of a party and run for President. All this can be done thanks to the TWS Passport within the luxury of a supportive environment.

Gone are the days of bureaucracy and hidden agendas. The World State is free from prejudice. It’s a place where your voice really means something. A TWS Passport is the key to access all these possibilities.

Being a TWS citizen is not just about being part of a community. It’s also about showing who you are. The TWS passport carries your identity and tells people what you believe and stand for.

Special NFT Avatar Collections, exclusively available on the TWS Marketplace, allow you to show off your personality. Each collection is limited to 10,000, with the exception of The Human collection, unique avatars, each with a unique set of wacky features.

Earn PowerPoints through citizen participation

Become an active citizen and earn PowerPoints, TWS’s internal rewards. By participating in activities like voting in elections, joining a party, and introducing legislative initiatives, citizens will earn PowerPoints.

The more active citizen you are, the more PowerPoints you’ll earn. The more PowerPoints you earn, the more benefits you can enjoy, this includes actions that only PowerPoint holders can take.

The rewards are distributed by the treasury, when approved by law, proportionally to the citizens based on the number of PowerPoints they have.

The W$C Token

The native currency of the TWS ecosystem, W$C, is a deflationary token that operates on the Polygon blockchain. Running on Polygon allows for low transaction fees and improves accessibility.

W$C’s primary use case is as a utility token. For example, it should be used to mint a TWS passport, push legislation, and take office. As part of the deflationary mechanics of the currency, a percentage of W$C is burned monthly.

TWS Legislative Process

TWS hopes to unite the people of the world and give everyone a voice. A crucial part of this has been the team’s development of its NFT-based legislative process.

At TWS, anyone can propose a change to existing legislation or create new policies. This is done by coining a Legislative Initiative (LI) NFT. Each LI is then voted on by the citizens and if approved, it will be implemented using smart contracts.

The Executive team only has the power to enforce the laws and not to change, edit or give preference to them. This is because all the processes in the State are powered by smart contracts.

Rank up in the party and become president

Any TWS citizen can nominate themselves for president, with each term lasting one month. He participated in the influential presidential elections by voting in the primaries and subsequent rounds.

The main role of the president is to represent the ideas of the TWS community in the real world.

TWS encourages its citizens to create a better world where equality and freedom are supported. A community must work together to create real change, and TWS is the best place to make this happen.

To learn more about how The World State is developing its Web3-based direct democracy platform and to stay up to date with the roadmap, visit TWS website.




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