The role of AI for creatives

By Javon Frazier, Founder/CEO of middle teacher.

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more prevalent in our daily lives, discussions about the potential risks and dangers this evolving technology presents are also becoming more common. Blockbuster movies like James Cameron’s terminator franchise and marvel The Avengers: Age of Ultron they represent the AI ​​in a dangerous and warning light. AI isn’t all doom and gloom though, and if we allow ourselves to step back and consider the positives and creative potential of this growing technology, we can see that it could have the power to improve our lives for the better. help us achieve things we never thought were possible.

As a lifelong Marvel fan, I’ve been inspired by how characters like Tony Stark and Shuri have used AI to accomplish incredible feats. From the infamous Iron Man suit that Tony Stark created with the help of JARVIS (the precursor to the hero Vision) to the Black Panther suit created by Shuri with the help of his AI assistant Griot, AI has played a major role in creativity and innovation in the Marvel Universe and has helped me come to terms with the creative, innovative and general potential that AI can have in our own reality. Since AI is such a hot topic, I have been researching the benefits of implementing it in our very traditional creative industry, where AI is virtually absent. I am happy to share five key ways that I believe can improve our work.

Improving new ideas and concepts

Similar to how JARVIS helped Tony Stark test and improve his designs and inventions in the world of Marvel, AI technology can help amplify ideas and enhance creativity in humans, particularly in the creative industries. I found that ChatGPT, the widely recognized AI software developed by OpenAI, can effectively combat writer’s block by providing me with insightful suggestions that help me overcome creative hurdles. However, it is important to remember that the program should not be used as the only source of finalized ideas. Rather, you can use tools like these to develop them further until you have a solid concept that you can use as a foundation. In my opinion, the role of tools like these is not to provide new ideas, but to support and strengthen existing ones.

Streamlining the creative process

AI can be used to automate certain tasks and streamline the overall production and development process, which can free up more time for humans to focus on the more creative aspects of a project. This can be especially useful for artists and designers who may be working to tight deadlines. For example, for game developers, Modl:test helps detect bugs, crashes, performance issues, etc., 20 times faster than a human, according to the website. This could give developers more time to focus on other aspects of the game development process.

Bringing New Perspectives

By analyzing data and patterns, AI can provide new perspectives and insights that can inspire new ideas and creativity in humans. This is something we see happen in the Marvel universe with characters like Tony Stark. Salesforce is a perfect example of this, as its Salesforce Einstein software provides real-time recommendations on what to do so someone doesn’t have to manually interpret the data to reach these conclusions.

Amplifying human creativity

In some cases, AI can work alongside humans to amplify their creativity. For example, AI-powered music software like ChordAI provides the chords and rhythms for any song, and Musical Inspiration AI can help musicians create new compositions by suggesting chord progressions or melodies they might not have thought of. for themselves.

AI has the ability to enhance creativity and allow us to achieve things we previously thought were unimaginable. It can take over routine tasks and allow us to focus on imagination and self-expression.

While it’s true that AI can take over certain tasks and skills for creatives, it’s important to remember that it will also open up a whole new world of possibilities and create industries we can’t even begin to imagine yet. Just think about it: TOAccording to the World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report“a shift in the division of labor between humans and machines” could displace around 85 million jobs by 2025. But on the other hand, it could also create a whopping 97 million new jobs in the same time period. .

For those who are afraid of AI, I want to remind you that it is still a human-invented tool, and the idea that AI may be the only source of ideas is probably far from reality. It is essential to recognize that the creative process still stems from the human mind, and AI should simply serve as a tool to develop and refine preliminary ideas.

So as we move and continue to move into the world of AI, I think we need to tap into its creative potential and look for ways it can help us achieve our goals. After all, as Tony Stark once said, “Sometimes you have to run before you can walk.”

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