The fashion girl’s guide to decorating your home

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If you already follow a list of fashion influencers who inspire your outfits, you’ll be surprised how many times you find yourself bookmarking a photo of their couch, wall art, coffee table, a vase full of flowers, or their table for a dine while scrolling through your feed. Just as they’re keeping up with the moto boot boom or cottagecore, they’re also obsessed with creating a carefully curated look. home decor situation, replete with covetable decorative accessories.

Minimalists and Maximalists alike mimic their outfit choices with an ottoman, side table, wall art, bookends, or candle headlines that reflect your personal style. Look no further than Danish influencer Pernille Teisbaek, whose Copenhagen home is just as likely to be featured on her Instagram as her latest outfit. Whether you’re looking to upgrade her own home or looking for an original housewarming gift for a friend, check out these stylish decorating ideas that are already trend setter-approved.

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12 Trendy Home Décor Items You Can Buy Right Now

  • Crate & Barrel/Athena Calderon Dining Chair Ceremonie Natural Bouclé

    Creative Athena Calderon’s tasteful collection with Crate & Barrel is filled with understated pieces, from bar stools and wall mirrors to table lamps and dinnerware, that are made for the minimalist style. The rounded shape and the bouclé fabric of this dining chair are particularly current.

    $499, buy now

  • Hermès Avalon Throw Blanket

    Although it’s sometimes hard to find stock, Hermès’ best-selling decorative blanket is a familiar find in many fancy homes. It’s a luxurious way to add a designer touch to a living room, sleeping space, or even a home office.

    $1,750, Buy Now

  • Cold Picnic Green Mochi Rug

    This is not your average living room rug. Cold Picnic combines bold colors and whimsical shapes to create soft underfoot options that make a difference all their own.

    $695, buy now

  • Djerf Avenue Duvet Cover Summer Berries

    If you haven’t seen Matilda Djerf’s Instagram, get ready for countless Scandinavian-inspired shots for everything from clothing to home accents. Influencer Djerf founded her own company Djerf Avenue which allows followers and fashion fans to make her colorful and cheesy style their own.

    $107, buy now

  • Lex Pott Spinning Candle

    Quirky chandeliers are a must-have decorative accent in fashion-forward abodes, and this Wavy Twist Candle by Lex Pott has quickly become a favourite. The variety of whimsical colors available means you can choose one for every room in your home.

    $45, buy now

  • Hay Splash Vase

    The bold colors found throughout Hay’s range of home furnishings and accessories (like their playful wall décor) make them especially suitable for fashion-forward maximalists. This glass vase is on the more understated side of the options available, but it has the perfect artistic touch to make your entryway or dining room feel special.

    $95, buy now

  • Helle Mardahl Bon Bon Crystal Bowl

    Snacking at home gets a stylish upgrade through this quirky candy pink bowl from Helle Mardahl. It’s too pretty to keep in a rattan cabinet, so find a way to display it next to your favorite picture frames, in your bookcase, or on top of a decorative tray.

    $402, buy now

  • Rove Concepts Belia Open Sofa

    Comfy bubble sofas have been the It trend to try for a few seasons, and they don’t seem to be losing steam. Settle into a sectional that prioritizes both comfort and aesthetics.

    $2,999 (for members), Buy Now

  • Rachel Saunders Wave incense holder

    Ceramic artist Rachel Saunders has become a favorite among fashionistas for her organic shapes in vases, plates, and small decorative objects. This incense holder will add a relaxing touch to your home when it’s time to light your favorite scent.

    $60, buy now

  • Pink Peony Scribble Cushion by Rose Greenberg

    No, this is not your typical pillow. The slightly odd shapes of Rose Greenberg’s designs can make visitors to her home gasp.

    $200 buy now

  • Gohar World Baguette Candle

    Chef Laila Gohar is a source of inspiration for fashion brands and fashion designers, especially since she launched her own website full of eccentric kitchen designs, Gohar World. Sure you don’t need a baguette shaped candle, but wouldn’t it make a great centerpiece?

    $42, buy now

  • Medium Mosaic Memo Vase

    Tell a special story with your interior design. Memor’s vases are all handcrafted with shells and ceramic pieces that make them feel like an heirloom. Head over to their website to request a custom look as well.

    $360, Buy Now

The fashion girl's guide to decorating your home

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