Tarkov Devs Issue Update About ‘Cheating Bastards’ And ‘Other Related Scum Of The Earth’, But Players Don’t Buy It

Battlestate Games’ Escape from Tarkov remains in early access, wildly popular, and plagued with the same old community complaints it’s had since its initial release in 2017. A persistent strain of the latter has always been cheaters, which are the bad enough in a fire. and forget about a shooter like Warzone, but incredibly frustrating to find in an experience where accrued loot and gear is a core part of the game.

Every once in a while, Battlestate will go public with a banwave, but it’s never long before the complaints start popping up again. These reached a fever pitch recently after the recent removal, with a general feeling that the problem was worse than ever. Now Battlestate COO Nikita Buyanov has addressed the community in a way that could be described as forceful.

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