Sons of the Forest: Kelvin’s strange behavior has already made him beloved by fans

Sons of the Forest has officially arrived in Early Access and one of the biggest talking points for the game has been Kelvin, an already beloved AI companion to the community whose mission is to help you on your journey, even if he sometimes does strange things. and you miss hilarious decisions.

For those who don’t know him, Kelvin is an elite soldier who survived the helicopter crash that left him stranded on the island featured in Sons of the Forest. Unfortunately for him, he suffered brain damage and can no longer hear or speak, so players must communicate with him through a notepad. Despite his new injuries, he’s still extremely useful… well, mostly.

The developers of Sons of the Forest created Kelvin to help replicate the multiplayer experience for solo players, but it’s also very useful for those who want to play Sons of the Forest with friends.

“We found out in our first game, The Forest, that building and collecting resources in single player could be a real chore compared to multiplayer where you had multiple players helping out,” Endnight Games told IGN. “We wanted to resolve this and help bridge the gap between the two modes. At the same time, the new AI system we had created for enemies/animals made it extremely easy to apply to a friendly AI character.”

So this all sounds wonderful, right? A buddy who’s always there to help cut down some trees, fish, and more? While Kelvin is certainly helpful, he does occasionally act a bit strange. For example, you can tell him to cut down trees to gather wood, but some players have found that Kelvin doesn’t know the difference between a standalone tree and a tree. the ones that are part of the treehouse you built.

It also has a tendency to appear out of nowhere, and has been jokingly called the biggest scare in the game by Reddit user /goodwill295.

Image Credit: Reddit User /goodwill295

Kelvin clearly plays by his own rules and, as IGN’s Mark Medina puts it, he fits perfectly into Sons of the Forest as, “there are no rules man, we’re done for!”

Sure, he may have his moments, but the Sons of the Forest community clearly wants to protect Kelvin with their lives.

Endnight Games has big plans for Kelvin, so this is just the beginning of the early favorite for best helper in a video game for 2023.

“Throughout Early Access, we plan to add a lot more tasks that Kelvin can do, as well as integrate him more into the main story and give him his own epilogue/ending if you keep him alive,” said Endnight Games.

Endnight is also very happy to see the community accept Kelvin so quickly, and the team knew they had something special on their hands early on, as many would “make sure not to overload him and others would feel guilty if they accidentally killed him.” . “

Kelvin is just one part of Sons of the Forest, and you can check out our full game preview, in which we said: “Sons of the Forest seems to evolve and build on every aspect of its predecessor with a focused goal of realism and development. of a flexible ecosystem, and it feels like the building blocks are there to create something truly special, but its main feature is the addition of impressively sophisticated and intelligent AI enemies and companions that could not only provide a huge leap forward for the series, but the survival game genre as a whole”.

For more, check out five Endnight tips on how to survive your first night in Sons of the Forest, our beginner’s guide, and the essential tips and tricks you need to know.

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