Love Island’s Casey Reveals Group Chat Details After Finale

love island‘s Casey O’Gorman opened up about the group chat she’s in with fellow islanders Tom Clare and Will Young.

The Winter 2023 series may have come to a close after Kai and Sanam were crowned winners on Monday night (March 13), but the bromance between Casey, Tom, and Will is still going strong.

In an exclusive interview with digital spy After the finale, Casey was asked who was her best friend in the village, but couldn’t choose between Tom and Will.


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“I can’t leave either of them out,” he said. “I’d say I’m probably more like Tom, but Will and I are related together too. So I couldn’t leave either of us out.”

Casey admitted that the trio already have a group chat, adding: “I’m really close with both of us and we already have our group chat.

“The group chat is called ‘The Three Musketeers’. Ron helped us with that name in the villa and I think he’s stuck now.”

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Casey left the villa in pairs with Rosie Seabrook, and the pair told us that the most challenging part of their love island The experience was when they found themselves in a kind of love triangle with Claudia Fogarty.

“It was hard because I was always going to have to bug someone,” Casey said. “I really liked Claudia and cared for her, so I knew it was going to be annoying. I tried to do it in the most respectful way possible, but I was in a lose-lose situation.”

“You had two girls after you, it wasn’t that bad,” Rosie joked, to which Casey added, “I get it, but it was hard.”

love island airs every night on ITV2 and is available via ITVX and BritBox.

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