Hollyoaks Spoilers: Shocking fight between Tony and Warren

holly spoilers follow.

holly has revealed that a feud is brewing between Tony Hutchinson and Warren Fox.

Local councilman Tony hasn’t necessarily been known for his bitter rivalries with his neighbors, but that will change when a romantic night with his wife Diane is ruined in the next few scenes.

Tony is already feeling down about his brother Eric’s sentence, so Diane and Maxine try to find ways to cheer him up.

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The two women end up drowning their sorrows when Tony doesn’t show up, leaving Maxine stunned by a confession Diane reveals during their drinking session.

Tony eventually has a change of heart and tries to make things right with Diane, after having a touching conversation with Romeo where he encourages the young man to be more romantic with Rayne.

However, Tony’s attempt to woo Diane with a romantic dinner doesn’t go as planned, leaving the couple feeling completely out of sorts.

Meanwhile, Sienna and Ethan are at odds with Warren over his parenting techniques, after he begins teaching Sebastian boxing as a means of self-defense.

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Warren is quick to encourage his son to only use his boxing skills on deserving people, but there’s a terrifying moment when Sebastian pushes Dee Dee Hutchinson off a playground swing.

Tony struggles with his anger over everything that goes wrong in his life, so his longtime partner Darren encourages him to talk to a professional about his feelings.

Rather than focus on his own problems, Tony gets back at Warren by calling social services for Sebastian’s outburst on the playground.

Tony clashes with Warren face to face, however the dangerous Warren uncharacteristically lets him go with a warning not to mess with him.

tony hutchinson and warren fox in hollyoaks

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Later, Tony is visited by an irate Warren, while Sienna tries to cope with a meeting with social services on her own. Has Tony gone too far?

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