Evil Dead Rise director explains a major change for the new movie

rise of the wicked dead Director Lee Cronin has explained a major new change for the upcoming film.

Written and directed by Cronin, rise of the wicked dead moves from the traditional cabin in the woods to an apartment building in Los Angeles.

He independent filmwhich is independent of the original trilogy as well as the 2013 rebootfollows Lily Sullivan’s Beth as she visits her sister Ellie (vikings star Alyssa Sutherland) and his family in the city.


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speaking to sfx of the change in location, Cronin said that he “wanted to do something new” and that he would have turned down the film if it were set in a cabin with the franchise’s beloved lead, Ash Williams.

“As much as I said, I always wanted to make a Evil Dead movie, if the guys had put me in a script and said, ‘Here we go: It’s at the cabin, it’s with Ash,’ I probably would have said no, because I want to tell my own stories. But they didn’t want that either.

“I’m very drawn to the horror of the domestic,” Cronin said. “To me, it’s the most beautiful cheat sheet as a filmmaker, because you get to tap into things that people are so familiar with. Not everyone has spent a weekend in a cabin in the woods with their friends, but at some point everyone they had a sense of home, or had their version of a family unit around them.

the wicked dead rise


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Opening about the return of the demons of meat possession known as the Deadites, Cronin said he wanted to see them in a new setting.

“Being a fan of these movies, I thought, ‘I want to see Deadites in downtown Los Angeles, in a family home. What does that look like?’ It seemed like the natural move if the goal was to take the franchise to a new place.”

rise of the wicked dead opens in theaters on April 21.

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