EastEnders spoilers: The biggest stories yet to come

EastEnders spoilers continue.

EastEnders is currently having a moment, having kicked off the year with some great storylines, and a flashforward sneak peek, too.

As we look to the future, there is much more drama to come, with new faces, new stories, new relationships, and some unexpected twists too.

Here’s our complete guide to the biggest spoilers for the rest of the year, all in one place.

1. Stacey’s New Story


A struggling Stacey is off to a rocky start to 2023, and her troubles are still far from over.

After learning that her 12-year-old daughter, Lily, was pregnant, Stacey was hit with a host of financial problems and will turn to a loan shark in upcoming episodes to get by.

With her financial courtships on the rise, Stacey has been given a new story, one that will see her find a new way to make ends meet. Sun reports that Stacey will be setting up an OnlyFans account in future scenes. A EastEnders Insider said: “Stacey is really struggling right now and will do everything she can for her family.”

The head of the show, Chris Clenshaw, had previously hinted at a new direction for Stacey, saying: “Stacey has not only been dealing with the rising cost of living, but has also fought to keep her pregnant daughter out of harm’s way. This Stacey finds herself doing something she’s never done before in an effort to protect her family and her unborn grandchild.

2. Rocky’s past catches up with him

rocky in eastenders


Kathy might be dreaming of wedding bells next week, but fans already know her nuptials to Rocky won’t go smoothly.

We already know that Vicki Michelle has been cast in the role of Rocky’s mystery wife, Jo, who will no doubt be putting a wrench in the works when it comes to his future plans.

As Jo heads to Albert Square, Rocky is shocked when his shady past catches up with him.

“I’m so excited to be in EastEnders and they’ve all been so lovely,” said Vicki. “Jo Cotton is a great character and it’s a great story. I can’t wait for the public to meet her.”

Added Clenshaw: “Vicki is a perfect fit to take on the elusive character of Rocky’s wife that we know very little about.

“Impulsive, witty and extremely glamorous, Jo is akin to her long-lost husband Rocky and unsurprisingly finds herself immediately drawn into the heart of the drama when she arrives in Walford.”

3. Sharon’s Big Decision

keanu taylor, sharon watts and bernadette taylor in eastenders


We know she’s getting married at the end of the year, but Sharon has some big decisions to make from time to time.

New EastEnders Teasers have suggested that Sharon will face a big decision about her love life later in the month, but whether this involves Keanu remains to be seen.

“As quickly as Sharon and Keanu got together, she found out that he and Sam had a history too, leaving Sharon newly single,” Clenshaw said recently. “However, as we know, Sharon will be wearing a wedding dress for Christmas, so she beware a lot of twists, turns, and a lot of heartbreak along the way.”

Sharon also has more than romance on her plate in the coming weeks as she prepares to open a renovated boxing gym with Kat and Phil. But with so much history between them, will everything go according to plan?

4. Alfie’s new romance?

sharon watts, linda carter and alfie moon in eastenders


Alfie has been keeping a low profile ever since he finally decided to give up on seeking a reunion with Kat, but his love life could take a turn for the worse later this month.

Short spoilers for later this month reveal that Alfie will have a heart-to-heart with Sam, while a further sneak peek has hinted that someone is watching. But is it Sam or another Walford resident?

5. The fate of the Queen Vic revealed

linda carter in eastenders


It’s the question everyone has wanted to know since Christmas: what will happen to The Queen Vic?

While the Panesars and Sharon have shown interest in buying Janine’s share of the pub, Linda’s surreptitious call has suggested that the new owner might be someone outside the box.

“Linda’s world was turned upside down when she saw a photo of Shirley with Dean, but she is forced to focus on who will be her new business partner or face the loss of her home,” Clenshaw explained last month.

“Both Sharon and Nish hope to get the keys to the castle, but their knight in shining armor may not be who you think.”

Speculation has increased more recently with reports that Strictly come dance star Molly Rainford could join the cast of EastEnders

Sun suggests that Molly has gotten a EastEnders role as the daughter of a new family moving to Walford to take over the Queen Vic later this year.

The BBC declined to comment on this when contacted by digital spy.

6. Emma’s Exit

emma in eastenders


Emma has managed to insidiously infiltrate every aspect of Lola’s life since appearing out of nowhere in January, but the longevity of her commitment to this will be called into question in future episodes.

As the severity of Lola’s illness begins to affect her, Emma’s behavior will arouse the concern of Jay, who is determined to protect his wife from further distress.

We already know that Jay will give Emma an ultimatum next week, but what will this mean for her future on the show?

Pasty Kensit confirmed last month that she had finished filming on EastEnderswhich suggests that Emma’s exit will play out in the coming weeks.

7. Lola’s death

lola pearce, east people


We already know that Lola’s days are numbered, but recent spoilers have suggested that her tragic departure could be even sooner than we think.

Lola was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor last year and has since decided to make the most of the time she has left.

But sadly, it looks like Lola’s untimely death might be looming over us. The next few scenes will see Lola hit by more devastating news, while the show’s recent flashforward scene showed her tribute image of Lola at the bar, suggesting she won’t make it to Christmas.

It has already been confirmed that Danielle Harold will be leaving the role after 12 years.

8. Denise Caught

Denise Fox in Eastenders


Denise is currently doing her best to keep her brief flirtation with Ravi a secret, but it won’t stay that way for long.

Fans should expect plenty of twists and turns over the next week as Denise’s world turns into a car wreck, with repercussions everywhere.

Denise is also one of the women in The Six Walford taking center stage in a jaw-dropping twist this Christmas, and Clenshaw has already promised “explosive action” when Jack finds out the truth about his betrayal.

“Denise’s marriage to Jack is falling apart and local villain Ravi has been watching her for weeks,” he said. “Expect some explosive action when Jack finds out what’s been going on.”

9. Is Suki’s secret revealed?

suki kaur panesar, eastenders


Like Denise, Suki is another of the Six who has a big secret.

Having spent the past few months being manipulated by her controlling husband Nish, Suki finally decided to follow her heart and pursue her feelings for her lover Eve. But as we all know, secrets like this don’t stay a secret for long in Walford…

Clenshaw quipped, “As the year progresses, Suki will uncover truths, test her relationships, but ultimately her biggest secret could drive her to the extreme.”

10. New story for Ben?

callum road and ben mitchell in eastenders


He’s had a quieter few months on screen recently, but fans think a hard-hitting new story could be on the way for Ben.

Recent episodes have seen her husband Callum show concern regarding Ben’s drinking, sparking speculation on Twitter that this could be a sign of things to come.

Whether this is the case remains to be seen, but either way, Ben will be determined (once again) to prove himself to dad Phil at the boxing gym opening later in the month, with potentially disastrous results.

11. Keanu’s Arrest

sharon watts, keanu taylor, eastenders


Keanu will find himself on the wrong side of the law, in scenes to air later this spring.

New footage from filming has revealed that Keanu is in for more trouble, as the police show up at his son Albie’s christening.

Keanu will arrive at the church for Albie’s big day, unaware that the police have followed his van, who then search the vehicle while he is in the building.

He is later arrested, and footage shows Keanu being handcuffed by police in front of a horrified Sharon. But why is Keanu in trouble and what will this mean? Everything will become clear in the coming weeks.

12. Flashforward Victim Revealed

eastenders six stacey, suki, sharon, cute, kathy, denise


Of course, many of this year’s story threads are building towards the highly anticipated flashforward reveal, which we already know involves a death.

With the scenes set to air in December, fans still have a long wait until then, but there’s still plenty to keep us busy for now.

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday at 7:30pm on BBC One. The show is also broadcast on BBC iPlayer.

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