Diablo 4’s Muttering Obols and Whispering Key Explained

Even though Diablo 4 has just been released in a beta phase, there is already a lot of new content for fans to check out. There’s a new open world to explore, skill trees to unlock and try, and hordes of enemies to kill. While all of this is technically new to all players, Diablo veterans will no doubt understand most of what’s going on around them. However, there are some completely new mechanics and features in Diablo 4 that all players will need to learn. One of these new features is an item called muttering mites.

Players may notice that they have earned some of this mystery currency, but may not understand exactly how they got it or what to spend it on. We’re shedding light on the mystery surrounding the Muttering Obols so players have one less thing to worry about in Sanctuary.