Diablo 4 – Rogue Talents Guide

The rogue in Diablo 4 stalks enemies using lightning-fast attacks and agile movements. In addition to the abilities you can use, there are also talents that provide some advantages that blend with your playstyle. Here is our general Diablo 4 Rogue talent guide to help you with the perks you can unlock and select.

Diablo 4 Rogue Talents

Diablo 4 Rogue’s talents, like other classes, use a tier system. You can unlock certain options by spending some talent points, and some can also be further upgraded. We have listed them below, noting the possible upgrades and connected nodes. Similarly, you’ll want to see the effect of each passive. There are those that provide benefits to stocks in general, while others are designed for specific builds. Some are even related to the Imbuement system, where you can infuse abilities with poison, shadow, or cold damage.