Various use cases in crypto-innovation

Various use cases in crypto-innovation

Ethereum and Bitcoin are two distinct powerhouses, each offering unique use cases and capabilities that are revolutionizing and transforming legacy institutions. each one has his maximalist devotees, but the trend is toward synergy and away from a zero-sum approach. As the crypto ecosystem continues to expand, these two titans are driving innovation and adoption through … Read more

Arbitrum’s ARB Token Signifies the Beginning of Airdrop Season – Here are 5 to Watch Out For

Arbitrum developers announced an airdrop of their governance token, ARB, to eligible users and DAOs on the Ethereum Layer-2 platform. An average user received around 625 ARB tokens, which corresponds to around $625 to $1,250, based on pre-launch trading prices and popular estimates. The prospect of earning free money has instilled excitement among users looking … Read more

Blockchain messaging will replace Telegram and Discord

A new era of messaging applications will soon cross the chasm of mass Web3 adoption. Web3 messaging applications will become an integral part of the blockchain ecosystem, allowing users to communicate with each other and interact with decentralized applications (DApps) and the protocols themselves in a secure, direct, and decentralized manner. This editorial will discuss … Read more

7 Free Learning Resources to Land the Best Data Science Jobs

Data science is an exciting and rapidly growing field that involves extracting information and insights from data. To land a top data science job, it’s important to have a strong foundation in key data science skills, including programming, statistics, data manipulation, and machine learning. Fortunately, there are many free online learning resources available that can … Read more

KyberSwap Announces First ARB Token Liquidity Pools, Liquidity Mining and Trading Campaigns on Arbitrum

[PRESS RELEASE – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 22nd March 2023] Since its launch in 2021, Arbitrum has become one of the most promising Layer 2 solutions, with its ability to scale Ethereum and enable faster and cheaper transactions. On March 16, Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution Arbitrum announced plans to distribute a new governance … Read more

Release your frustration and fight for the rewards

In the past 12 months, financial markets, including the crypto and traditional finance sectors, have been met with a series of catastrophic failures that have left many investors scratching their heads and counting losses. For example, more than $650 billion was removed from the crypto market following the collapse of Terra/LUNA in May and the … Read more