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Final Fantasy 16 proves that sometimes an accessibility menu is better

The road to Final Fantasy 16 has begun. After introductions, trailers, and a general sense of choking around the latest iteration of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series, an interesting tidbit has emerged. Final Fantasy 16 will include a level of accessibility in the form of equippable rings that will alter the fundamental gameplay experience. Square … Read more

Medieval manuscripts may have described a “new” whale feeding trick centuries ago

Enlarge / A digital reconstruction of a humpback whale feeding with traps. John McCarthy, Flinders University   About 10 years ago, marine biologists witnessed two different species of whales in different geographic locations engaged in a novel feeding strategy. The whales would position themselves on the surface of the water and remain motionless with their mouths open. … Read more

Diablo Co-Creator Erich Schaefer Teams Up With Moon Beast Productions To Create An Action RPG

Moon Beast Productions has announced the appointment of Diablo co-creator Erich Schaefer as Creative Director. Schaefer will lead the creative direction of Moon Beast’s unrevealed action role-playing game (RPG) project. They hope to revolutionize the genre together with Schaefer’s former collaborators from Blizzard North. Schaefer previously co-founded four development studios: Blizzard North, Flagship Studios, Runic … Read more